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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is John Amaral?

John Amaral DC is a globally recognized energy practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in optimizing the human energy system. John’s unique approach combines his deep knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy, with eastern martial arts and wellness practices, and principles of quantum and biophysics to achieve breakthrough outcomes for his clients. John’s highly unique approach enables his clients to achieve a transformative state –  Energetic Flow. He has worked with thousands of people from over 50 countries and his clients include some of the world’s most successful athletes, entertainers, business executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

People are made of energy? What do you mean?

The entire universe including our bodies is made of energy.  Only 4.6% of the universe, the part we can actually see, is considered “physical” matter–which is also made up of energy at the sub-atomic level.  

The human energy system operates via electrical, biochemical, electromagnetic, acoustic and subtle energy “fields” (magnetic fields, for example, influence the behavior of physical particles without actually touching them).  These fields extend out into the region around the body, nested together like a Russian doll. The heart’s field, which can currently be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers, is just one part of a dynamic system in which energy flow affects the way you feel, think, move and behave.

Energy also affects how others experience us. Have you ever felt someone staring at you from across the room and looked up to discover you were right? Have you ever sensed a good or bad “vibe” from someone?  These phenomena might eventually be attributed to some kind of subtle energy. How aware we are of the energy within and around us, can impact our lives on virtually every level.

What is Energetic Flow?

Energetic Flow is an optimal state of human experience and performance. 

Most high performers spend the majority of their time in a state of stress, produced by an innate physiological mechanism called fight-or-flight, which keeps us constantly on alert for threats to our success and well-being. When we perceive a threat, our sympathetic nervous system activates, stimulating the adrenal glands and triggering the release of adrenaline and other hormones. Our hearts beat faster, our breathing becomes more rapid, our pupils dilate, and we may start trembling or perspiring. Our bodies are quite literally preparing us for fight or flight—we are ready to fight back against the threat or run to escape it. High performers often rely on adrenaline to fuel their ongoing achievement, but it is ultimately depleting and unsustainable. 

Energetic Flow, on the other hand, is a generative (generative means able to produce or create) state in which people are aware of their bodies and surroundings and able to fully immerse themselves in whatever they are doing. Flow can be described as a positive, energized focus—a feeling of presence, creativity and enjoyment with an absence of anxiety or pain. An Energetic Flow state enables us to make the most of our bodies and minds, and we are most powerful when our energy is flowing freely through our entire system, unbound and unblocked.

John’s unique methodology is designed to enable his clients to rapidly achieve this transformative state.

How does energy get blocked?

Energy doesn’t actually get “blocked” in the body, it actually gets redirected and stored in various body tissues.  When we aren’t able to stay in-flow with the changing world within and around us and we go into fight-or-flight, our muscles, ligaments, bones, nerve tissue, fascia and even organs can store energy. Tension is really just bound up energy that isn’t able to move freely through our bodies because we’re gripped in a fight-or-flight or reaction–and that’s what we can feel as a “block”.

To release the energy that has been bound up in our bodies and return to a state of Energetic Flow, we first have to shift out of the fight-or-flight state.  As we do so, and our parasympathetic nervous system finally kicks in, our bodies begin to relax, let go and finally release that stored energy–which might express in the form of movement, sound, heat, vibration or wavelike motions.

What is it like to work with John?

John’s approach to accessing Energetic Flow was developed with a scientific understanding of human anatomy, the relationship between the brain, nervous system and the internal communication mechanisms of the body and over 25 years of caring for thousands of clients. The Energy Flow Formula focuses on tapping into energy around the physical body, and moving or releasing energy that has been bound up and trapped in the physical body. 

During sessions on the table, energy that has been bound up in the body’s soft tissues, spine and nervous system may be released in the form of movement, sound and vibration.  As tension in the spinal cord and nerves is released and blood-flow and oxygen increase to the brain and body, an experience of freedom and flow naturally occurs. But why is the body moving, writhing and emoting in some cases?  

Have you ever been startled and felt your whole body jump, jolt or clench, then afterwards felt your body shaking or trembling as the energy began to settle down and release?  Something similar is happening during sessions, as bound up energy finds pathways of release through breath, movement, sound and vibration.

Once energy is moving and the body is more relaxed, it’s easier to be present again.  Energetic Flow accompanies a greater connection between your physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy and heart energy.  Following a session clients typically report feeling open, expressive and incredibly creative–often like an “energetic weight” has been shed. 

John has also designed a program to allow you to practice increasing your energy flow with your own hands, breath, movements and focus. You can interact with your own nervous system and body and begin the process of improving your energy flow no matter where you are in the world.

To release the energy that has been bound up in our bodies and return to a state of Energetic Flow, we first have to shift out of the fight-or-flight state.  As we do so, and our parasympathetic nervous system finally kicks in, our bodies begin to relax, let go and finally release that stored energy–which might express in the form of movement, sound, heat, vibration or wavelike motions.

Is this a medical treatment?

No. Achieving a state of Energetic Flow may provide noticeable benefits to your physical and emotional health, but it is not intended to replace medical treatment or cure diseases or conditions.

Does this approach involve physical contact? Is it like a massage or chiropractic adjustment?

In-person sessions with John can involve some physical contact—which you might have observed in the Goop Lab Netflix episode—but for the most part, an Energetic Flow session involves working with the energy fields in the space around the body in order to move energy within the body. It is not like a massage or chiropractic adjustment, which treat the physical body.

Is this Reiki or Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), and are there practitioners trained to use John Amaral’s method?

John studied and is certified in NSA, a holistic chiropractic approach to healing the spine and nerve system to improve overall health and quality of life, but his method is not NSA.  NSA does not incorporate energy-work off the physical body.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art in which the practitioner directs “universal life energy” into a person’s body using specific hand placements to help their body heal.  John is not certified in Reiki, and his method is not Reiki.

John has not trained any practitioners in his method yet, but there are ways in which you can begin to build conscious awareness of your body and energy system.  The 7 Day Challenge is a good place to start.

What are you doing to Gwyneth Paltrow in the Netflix episode?

In the Netflix episode, you see John working on Gwyneth Paltrow and other members of the Goop team. John’s hands are sometimes several feet off their physical bodies, but they are moving and vibrating, experiencing intense emotions, and making odd sounds.  

When John is working on Gwyneth, he’s interacting with her field of energy, and that interaction has a visible reaction in the body. Energy is real and it makes up everything—from our bodies to the universe as a whole. In fact, the universe is made up of more than 96% energy, and only about 4% physical matter.  The Energy Flow Formula is about cultivating your awareness of the energy within and around you and learning how to use it.  

How much does a session cost?

The 7 Day Challenge, which is an ideal introduction to Energetic Flow, is free. 

There are a number of ways to work with John and experience the benefits of Energetic Flow, from live webinars to in-person group workshops, and online courses. Private one-on-one VIP sessions are available on an extremely limited basis. You can learn more about these options and the associated costs here.

How often do I need to do this?

You may feel the benefits after a single session, but similar to meditation and exercise, achieving a steady state of Energetic Flow requires sustained practice over time.  Many aspects of the Energetic Flow can be done at home, work, or even in-flight. These include specific breathing exercises, meditations, self-directed visualization and awareness building Energetic Flow practices.

I’m a wellness practitioner and am interested in learning how to use the Energy Flow Formula with my clients. How can I do that?

We love hearing this! We aim to launch a practitioner training course in 2023. Please register your interest here and in the meantime, we recommend learning more through the 7 Day Challenge, and participating in a webinar series, online course or group workshop to learn more.

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