Body-Centered Leadership

Body-Centered Leadership

Join our exclusive year-long program devoted to helping leaders and high-achievers discover and cultivate the balance between outward success and inner fulfillment.

The People

For many driven and successful people, the feeling of true success is elusive; there always seems to be another milestone to reach. You might know your work or lifestyle is taking a toll on your mind, body, relationships, and emotional well-being—but you can’t or don’t want to slow down.

Many BCL participants come to us because they aren’t able to fully enjoy their success—something feels missing, or they are too exhausted or depleted to fully relax and be present.

The Program

Body-Centered Leadership is a year-long program with four on-site immersive workshops, multiple 1:1 sessions, monthly webinars and more. The program helps participants develop reproducible tools to counteract the stressful consequences of their professional pursuits while simultaneously freeing up energy and space for continued exploration, expansion and growth.

Discover the balance between outward success and inner fulfillment.

Unlike retreats, which give you a short break from “real life” before sending you back into it, or coaching or personal development programs, which can provide new ways of thinking, Body-Centered Leadership teaches you how to interact with your body and energy system in a different way. The program will help you accomplish more in your life—not through increased effort, but through a more resourceful use of energy.

The Facilitators

Body-Centered Leadership is run by John Amaral DC and Dr. Christina Amaral DC. Trained as chiropractors, John and Christina have spent over two decades helping high-achieving clients discover and cultivate energetic methods for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation.

The Application Process

Body-Centered Leadership is a year-long program limited to 25 participants each year. The program requires a significant financial commitment as well as approximately 20 days throughout the year. Serious inquiries only, please.